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ˇ´Electric IC Control 100˘XC
ˇ´Electric Cooling System
ˇ´Compressor Cooling System
ˇ´High Quality faucets Design
ˇ´Water Storage Reservoir
ˇ´Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank
With 5 stages RO system
(RO Membrane included) inside of the unit.
RO output: 50 GPD
Model NO. CW-919E CW-919C
Dimension (L)390x(W)400x(H)515mm (L)390x(W)400x(H)515mm
Wt.(empty) 11.0KG 13.0KG
Chilling Type Electric Compressor
Hot water tank temp. 85˘XC~100˘XC 85˘XC~100˘XC
Cold water tank temp. 4˘XC~12˘XC 4˘XC~12˘XC
(Cold water capacity
(at room temp. 21˘XC)
4l 10˘XC below cold
water per 6 hour
4l 10˘XC below cold
water per hour
Hot water capacity 5.5l 86˘XC up hot water per hourˇ]included CW919HWR / TW-699Cˇ^
Voltage/Current 100~120Vˇ@50/60Hz,ˇ@220~240Vˇ@50/60Hz

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